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“TikTok” Japan Team

Application software [Japan]

This social video platform allows us- ers to shoot, edit, and share 15-sec- ond videos complete with music and sound. The entire process, from film- ing to sharing, is self-contained in the TikTok app. Users can select from a variety of background music and comical sound effects to post attrac- tive videos singlehandedly. Its ease of use has made it especially popular among teens, giving rise to a type of influencer known as a “TikToker.” The app is not only popular among the public at large: celebrities and artists also have official accounts, and there are any number of corporate collabo- rations. At present, the main trend is to imitate popular clips in which users dance and/or lip-sync to music, add- ing various effects or camerawork for a touch of originality. TikTok was the most downloaded app worldwide in the first half of 2018, with a fan com- munity that spans the globe.


“Tik Tok” Japan Team


In 2017, localized TikTok for a Japanese audience, using the platform known globally as "TikTok" as the model. Services began in Japan in 2017.

( 2019 )

Award Reason

A few years ago, we moved from an age in which words and photos on a blog took several months to become globally widespread into an era where Twitter and Facebook can reach a worldwide audience within 24 hours. Instagram’s debut shaped that con- cept—and even contributed to our language. Even though it has been said that video media has been slow to catch on, TikTok’s debut symboliz- es the age of social network diversity and has undoubtedly created an era of user choice. Video editing is not easy, but it is remarkable progress that this well thought-out interface provides a tool for users of all cultures and languages to express their individuality, their creativity, and how entertaining they are. The multifac- eted video platform TikTok has truly revolutionized the world of media en- tertainment. (SAITO Seiichi)

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