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KIM Leeha

Animated short film [South Korea]

The work expressed the despair and pain of young people at the present day by depicting a fox who wants to become a mascot for the city. Living in a tiny apartment and working many part-time jobs while going to a training academy, the fox borrows money for plastic surgery to look like a puppy but fails an audition. A 3D CG animation with a striking contrast between the content and the cute visual reminiscent of a children’s picture book. [6 min. 50 sec.]


KIM Leeha

South Korea

Born in Daegu, South Korea, 1980. Graduated from the Visual Image Design Department of Hansung University in February 2008. Graduated from the Department of Animation at the Korea National University of Arts in February 2017. Currently producing short animation in Studio Leeha.

( 2020 )

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