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Jury Selections

The Legend of Hei

MTJJ Mutou / GU Jie

Animated feature film [China]

In a society of not only humans but also many fairies, Luo Xiao-Hei, a fairy in the form of a kitten, is deprived of his home due to urban development and embarks on a journey to find a place he can stay. Xiao-Hei meets fairies who care about each other and kind-hearted human beings, , and can’t decide which to choose. This movie version of the prequel to the web anime of the same title is a story of a search for one’s own place that incorporates comedic elements. [1 h. 41 min.]


GU Jie


Born in Jiangsu Province, 1989. Assistant director of this work.

( 2020 )

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