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Jury Selections

The AI Gamer

“The AI Gamer” Development Team (TOYAMA Shigeki, Representative)

Media installation [Japan]

AI that attacks the video game SUPER XEVIOUS using machine learning. We tend to think that computer programs ought to be perfect, but this game-attacking AI program makes repeated mistakes in the game. Giving the ordinarily invisible AI a cute robot form moves people’s emotions and makes them want to cheer for it. This installation expresses the emotional communication between people and AI in the society of the future.


“The AI Gamer” Development Team (TOYAMA Shigeki, Representative)


TOYAMA Shigeki|BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc. Handled robot visual design for The AI Gamer.Planning / production: TSUTSUMI Koichiro, OKUBO Hiroshi, and NAKANOWATARI Shohei (all at BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.)AI engineer: AIDA Sho (BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.)Sound design: OKUBO Hiroshi (BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.)Hardware engineers: SASAKI Norio, HAGA Tadashi, ICHINOTSUKA Cho (all at BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc.)Interface engineer: NAKANO Shigeo (BANDAI NAMCO Studios Inc.)

( 2020 )

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