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Jury Selections

Virtual Youtuber

Virtual Youtuber Production Team (GAZEBO, Representative)

Video work [Japan]

A short film presenting a virtual Youtuber (Vtuber), a modern form of personal expression. Akiko is frustrated trying to work as an indie idol singer. Later, she tries to recruit an inner person (the real person behind a Vtuber). Through Akiko, who wavers between her own potential and others’ evaluations of her, the film depicts reciprocal relationships and the desire for recognition, asking “who to support?” and “from whom to receive support?” [29 min. 38 sec.]


Virtual Youtuber Production Team (GAZEBO, Representative)


GAZEBO|Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, 1978. Graduated from Miyagi University. Video director.

( 2020 )

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