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Designer and Creative Director


Born in Tokyo. After studying engineering, he started his career as a designer. The aim of his work is to make things that are made for the first time. Bridging several fields of design and science, engineering, art and physical expression, he is concerned with innovation and solutions for problems occurring in comprehensive contexts. Since Sensorium Project, for which he served as director, won a Golden Nica Award in the network division of Ars Electronica in 1997, he has created many experimental installations in different countries. For the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), he developed Hands-On Model of the Internet. His other projects include stage design work for the FIFA World Cup 2002, concept models for KDDI’s AU design project, JAXA’s moonbell, and so-called emotional physical interfaces. From forms of expression that refer to street, music, and dance to total design concepts, he continues to work on communication design projects of all scales. He loves fast things and high places.

( 2015 )


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