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SATO Shigeru

Sound engineer


Born in 1936, SATO began working in 1955 at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation), where he became an engineer at the Studio of Electronic Music and chief mixer for the company's music programs. Starting in 1960 he made significant contributions to the development of electronic music equipment that expanded the scope of aural expression. Among his credits are production of the 1966 Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN composition Telemusik, production in 1969of the music for the Japan Pavilion at Expo '70, and the first-time production of TAKEDA Akimichi's work Panoramic Sonore on computer in 1973. All told he has supervised the production technology for over 50 works of electronic music, as well as handling music recording for various NHK music programs. In 1990 he was appointed Director of the NHK Audio Division, retiring in 1993. Since then he has devoted his time to preserving electronic music for posterity. Beginning in 2003, with support from the Rohm Music Foundation, he produced a CD series of works from 1955 to 1975, Oto no Hajimari wo Motomete (Seeking the Origin of Sound). He vows to continue "propagandizing" for electronic music in the years to come.

( 2012 )


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