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SUGAYA Mitsuru

Manga Artist and Professor, Kyoto Seika University


Born in 1950 in Shizuoka Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he worked as an assistant to manga artists and an editor of editorial production after which he joined Ishimori Pro, a management production company of ISHINOMORI Shotaro. He debuted with Kamen Rider (whose original manga was drawn by ISHINOMORI Shotaro) in 1971. From there, he continued to draw many manga for children and received the Shogakukan Manga Award with Gamecenter Arashi [Shogakukan, 1980], and Kon’nichiwa! Mi-com (Hello Micro Computer) [Shogakukan, 1982], in 1983. He also drew many “information manga” for Japanese businessmen and wrote fictional novels until 2005 when he was admitted to Waseda University. After receiving a master’s degree from Waseda University Graduate School in 2011, he joined the Faculty of Manga at Kyoto Seika University in 2013. His written works include the Kamen Rider series, Ichiban Wakariyasui Kabu Nyumon (The Most Understandable Stock Manual) [Kodansha, 1985], Manga de Wakaru Shosetsu Nyumon (Introductory Guide for Novels in Manga) [DIAMOND, Inc., 2005], and Kamen Rider Seijunfu (The Kamen Rider’s Era of Adolescence) [Pot Shuppan, 2011].

( 2015 )

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